Top 5 Gigs?

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Top 5 gigs? Ooh this may take some time! There’s almost too many to remember – I’m sure I’ve got an old box of ticket stubs bursting to bits at the back of one of my wardrobes somewhere. Don’t you love the buzz of anticipation before the show? That stale smell of the venue from […]

Writer’s Block


“Have I used that line before? I’m sure it’s in another track. Hang on, have I ripped it off Bruce Springsteen? Those chords don’t work! Perhaps I should use a banjo for that part? Would this whole thing sound better if I slowed it down . . . ” All valid questions for any songwriter […]

LA LA Land

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Linkin Park, Macy Gray and Korn are just a few of the bands/artists that I don’t sound anything like. I’m not really a fan of any of them. However, I do concede that ‘I Try’ is one of my guilty pleasure records. So, when Multi-Platinum Producer Jeff Blue (the guy responsible for all of the […]

The Call

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It’s easy isn’t it? Buy a guitar, learn a couple of chords, start a band and wallop, you’re a rock and roll star, right? Not quite, well, not in my case anyway. Up until the “wallop” all is working out fine, but that’s when the wheels start to fall off . . . The Call […]

A Sneaky Peek


Don’t you love finding out little secrets about your favourite songs and albums? You know, the cool “ooh I never knew that” facts. Things like The Beach Boys didn’t play the music on their iconic albums (it was “The Wrecking Crew” by the way) and Johnny Greenwood hated “Creep” so much, he tried to destroy […]