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Staying at home during this lock down could be viewed as a negative. Every time I see the news on TV or scroll around online, there seems to be another pretty depressing report about Covid19, but honestly since the announcement – I’ve been having a right old time indoors.

I know it’s a very serious situation and trust me I’m doing my very best to help the cause, but you’ve really got to see it as free time to take stock and make stuff.

Self isolation has allowed me to laugh loads with my girlfriend, write more songs, play my guitar, sing a lot, piss off the neighbours (they can’t complain – they’re in quarantine), read loads, watch a movie or two, cut my nose hair, do some yoga, wish my Great Auntie Shirley a happy 84th Birthday, clean the flat (filth), re-pot some plants, Face-time loved ones and make a list of things to be grateful for (including my one remaining tin of tomato soup).

You know how you always make that excuse of not having enough time to do anything? Yeah, it’s an easy habit to drop in to. As a freelance worker and independent musician (part-time loser, part time rock star) it is difficult to squeeze out the creativity after you’ve been grafting all day.

Now, granted, it shouldn’t take a worldwide pandemic to shift you through the gears, but it’s a great poke in the arse and definitely focuses the mind.

So – a few things that have been keeping me entertained in quarantine:

Insta Gigs
To get the juices flowing I’ve been learning some covers and uploading to social media – Loads of absolute bangers that I’d forgotten all about. It’s been great rediscovering some old favourites and having a bash through them on the acoustic you can view these on my Instagram highlights)

In between I’ve stripped back a few of the album tracks and spread them around the internet. Seems like they’re going down well and really nice to hear from new fans along the way!

Radio 2 – Liza Tarbuck
I’m a huge fan of Liza Tarbuck and her 6pm Saturday night radio show on BBC2. She describes it as “2 hours of not really saying a lot” in between loads of bloody great music.

It’s very much like the banter she had with Johnny Vaughan on The Big Breakfast a while back and it’s genuinely had me in hysterics – she’s top banana.

Oasis – Supersonic
I absolutely love the documentary ‘Supersonic’ (currently on Netflix). How big were those Knebworth shows?!! I didn’t quite appreciate how dedicated they were – pretty inspiring stuff.

I suppose I have a biased opinion of Oasis and their rise to the top. It all started when I was given a cassette recording of “What’s The Story” by a friend and to be fair I was blown away.

They pretty much sound tracked our teens/early 20’s and dominated every pub jukebox in Britain.

Yoga with Adrienne
So, yoga? Yeah, curve ball for me too.

I didn’t really seem to understand how breathing and stretching would do me any good, but due to circumstances (a long term lower back problem) I’ve been giving it a whirl and I STAND CORRECTED.

I’ve downward dogged, fallen over, stretched beyond belief and got a real sweat on. My back pain has eased and I’m defo 3 inches taller these days.

Reading Austin Kleon
This blog actually serves as a result of one of my best reads in recent times – Austin Kleon’s “Show Your Work”.

Essentially he suggests (as an artist himself) that you should document your progress and really let people in to the world behind the scenes.

Most artists/musicians get very focused on the final product and miss the fact that some of the most entertaining and inspiring things happen during the process of making art (see my earlier blog post ‘Sneaky Peek’).

This has lead to a lot more of my creation process being posted on social media and documented online.

I think I’ve had more comments on my massive stupid quiff over the past few days than anything about my music and I’m happy with that!

Other highlights:

Bob Mortimer – absolute hysterical bants
Stuff You Should Know Podcast – discussing everything from How AI Facial Recognition to How Grass Works
Sex Education – 70s/80s, American style time warp filmed in Wales

I don’t know how long we’re going to be in lock down or quarantine, but I’d like to think that I’ll carry on with some of the good habits I’ve picked up over the past couple of weeks and try to appreciate the more important things in life.

Be kind, learn more, call someone who will appreciate a chat, do things you love, support independent artists, wash your hands and stay safe people!

Lovely stuff,
EJ x

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