Its Taken A Lifetime

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“. . . A tune-smith of the highest order” BBC Radio 1

Great quote that isn’t? Yeah, it always graces the CV, really adds some zing to proceedings don’t you think?

Well, truth be told, it’s a little old. You see, I’ve been doing this song-writing thing for quite some time now. . .

It’s the late 90’s, all Britpop, indie rock, boot cut jeans and Clarks Wallabees. We have HMV, CD’s, Oasis and Ocean Colour Scene. Myspace is the place to be and I’m in a band called “The Minority”.

My weapon of choice is a cheap as chips Fender Stratocaster copy and to be honest, we’re not a lot to get excited about. “We’ll have to forget the piano part cos we ain’t got a keys player lads” yep, that about sums up the early stages of my musical career.

Let’s move things along a smidge. A couple of line-up and name changes later and we’re in to the new millennium . . .

“The Call” is born (we later find out an American outfit have the same name so the writing was probably already on the wall) but it turns out that we’re not bad.

We’ve written some tunes, sold some records and people are turning up to the live shows.

We are play-listed on BBC Radio 2, share the bill with The Who at the 02 Wireless festival and during a BBC Radio 1 fans poll we are described by THAT quote above. Good times!

So, we didn’t quite achieve worldwide acclaim and eventually the wheels started to fall off.

Life just gets in the way sometimes, so due to nothing in particular and after a whole decade of grafting we decided to split. We play our final farewell sell out show in our local town of Ripon and I go back to the drawing board.

So, give up? Forget it? Sell the guitars? Erm no, not really. It still stands – I’m a tune smith and I reckon I’m not bad at this.

Finding my feet as a solo artist saw the release of an EP and an experimental recording session in LA with esteemed producer Jeff Blue. All great experiences, but not where I wanted to go musically.

Up to press I’ve written hundreds of songs (some great, some terrible), played as many shows, recorded both sides of the Atlantic, been in bands, slept in vans, worked part-time jobs, left Yorkshire for London, won some and lost some.

I’ve been offered deals, I’ve been turned down LOADS, nearly quit, didn’t quit, worked hard, met some great people and realised that music is something I’ve got to do.

So, instead of asking you to believe sliced up quotes in the press or read reviews from a lifetime ago I’ll let you be the judge of what I’m up to.

From this point onward, EJ Mann is going to do things differently – I’ll be documenting everything and sharing the process.

No more chasing “the big time”, pitching for fame. I’m not interested in “who you know” or waiting for someone else to tell me what to do next.

In simple terms, I’m going to make good music and share it with you.

Which brings us all here – right here, right now. It’s taken a lifetime. . . and where exactly are we?

Well, in the grand scheme of things – This Is Nowhere.

EJ Mann x


  • Faye says:

    This is great, your desire and determination is infectious. I love love love it your sound is amazing.

    • EJ Mann says:


      Apologies for the slow response – I missed this. Thank you so much for the kind words.
      Lovely Stuff
      EJ x

  • Claire says:

    This is right up my street. Great sound,lyrics and voice. So glad I read your story too and I love that this is all through hard work and determination, and not through being produced by someone else. I look forward to hearing more. Claire

    • EJ Mann says:

      Hi Claire,

      Thanks for getting in touch and reading the story. Hard work and determination perfectly sum it up – spot on.
      I think its important to document the whole thing.
      Glad you like the tracks!

      EJ x

  • Sarah Jane Banham says:

    Love the music and the story behind it. So good to know that there are still some good musicians out there doing it properly – putting in the hard work, learning their craft and producing the music they want to make, not mass produced plastic pop. Keep up the fine work – can’t wait to hear more x

    • EJ Mann says:

      Hey Sarah, thanks for getting in touch. It’s great to hear that the story behind the music resonates with you. I believe in hard work and persistence and hopefully that comes through in the tracks too.

      I genuinely appreciate the support – it means a lot to us “little guys”



  • Tim says:

    Hey EJ Mann nice to know your still out there doing your thing! I’m looking forward to seeing what you do next? The new tracks are excellent will you be doing any live dates in the future?

    • EJ Mann says:

      Hi Tim,
      Thanks for getting in touch. Yeah, still doing my thing bud – glad you like the new tracks. Live dates will be happening, I’m just working logistics out at the mo. Any new music recommendations? You always have your ear to the ground. EJx

  • Jodi Peerman says:

    Hey EJ,

    Gosh, where do I begin ? The tracks are just phenomenally incredible, Primetime should be used as an opening song for an action movie and It’s Automatic is just outta this world. I’ve subscribed to your YouTube channel and I’ll be sharing the link on my Facebook account. I’d love to order your album, keep up the amazing work and you definitely have to tour Australia in the future,especially Melbourne 😁🎸🤘

    • EJ Mann says:

      Hey Jodi,

      What a glowing review of the tracks!I’m chuffed you love the music. Thank you for shouting about me online. You have no idea how much it helps to have people spread the word and recommend having a listen. It’s great to know that EJ Mann is being played in Australia – Melbourne shows for sure!! Big love xx

  • Sue Sutton says:

    Hi, I am in total awe of your music, I am hoping you will eventually make it over to New Zealand – if so I will be in the front row for sure, keep up the good ( awesome ) work xx

    • EJ Mann says:

      Hi Sue,

      Thank you so much for dropping this lovely comment on here. I’m so glad you like the tracks, it really means a lot to hear that the music is getting heard (especially all the way out in New Zealand) I would love to be playing shows near you soon – watch this space! EJ x

  • Lorena says:

    Hi! The tracks are amazing! You have to tour Spain in the future!

    • EJ Mann says:

      Hi Lorena,

      Thank you for getting in touch. I’m buzzing that you like the tracks! I would absolutely love to tour Spain in the future 👍

  • Marguerite Page says:

    Really enjoying your music and thAnks for the two tracks.
    Great to read about your history it’s always interesting to see how artists have progressed . Great vocals and I look forward to hearing more . Keep well 😊

    • EJ Mann says:

      Hey Marguerite,

      Thanks for stopping by and checking out the blog. I thought it would be nice to give an insight into the journey up to now. Absolutely buzzing that you like the tracks 👍

      Speak soon

      EJ x

  • Kerby Kiehl says:

    In love ur music!!! Music is my lifeline and you do an admirable job!!

    • EJ Mann says:

      Hey Kerby, sorry for the slow reply – I missed this.
      Thank you so much for getting in touch, I’m buzzing that you like the music. I’d say music is my lifeline too.
      Lovely stuff xx

  • Lorraine Lurring says:

    Hi. E.J. Yes listened to the downloads and loved your music , sorry you’ve had a long road with loads of ups and downs , hope this is the turning point fir you and you finally get your music out there as it’s good ..

    • EJ Mann says:

      Hey Lorraine, sorry for the slow reply – I’ve just seen this. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on the blog. I’m so glad you like the music! I think the industry is all about the ups and downs, so as long as you can ride things out, the right people will eventually find the songs. Really great to speak to you 👍

  • maz says:

    Love it Ej ! Will be a keen follower from here on in.. good luck with all in the future xx

    • EJ Mann says:

      Hi Maz, so glad you’ve checked out the tunes. Loads more to come so definitely keep your eyes peeled. Thanks for getting involved 💪👍

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